Beauty & Talent


I met Kyana last year in Toronto and we immediately hit it off over our mutual love of true crime and Felix & Norton cookies (do yourself a favour and look those up). It’s no surprise that this model/actress is killin’ it, I mean, just look at her! I was super excited to fit in an impromptu shoot when I was back home recently. This girl was made for the camera.



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It’s a Girl!


Duncan and Nic are inspiring people. They run a charity that does amazing things to ensure disadvantaged kids have a access to quality education. They are also super down to earth, and we were thrilled to capture these pregnancy photos for them.



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Karma’s New Seaside Spa


Karma Kandara, located in the South Bali near Uluwatu, recently opened up a beautiful new seaside spa. It’s shoots like this, that make me glad to be a photographer in Bali.


B38A7108-HDR-2 NEW (2).jpg

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Havana, Ooh Na-Na


Havana is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. We spent a full day wandering the back alleys and meeting all sorts of characters. We were invited into people’s homes, taken on a sunset private tour of the city by a total stranger, watched the sunset from the rooftop of a local house and almost ran out of cash to make it home to our hotel after taking some new friends out to dinner (a story for another day). It was quite the adventurous start to our time in Cuba, and a place we’ll most definitely never forget.


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