Havana is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. We spent a full day wandering the back alleys and meeting all sorts of characters. We were invited into people’s homes, taken on a sunset private tour of the city by a total stranger, watched the sunset from the rooftop of a local house and almost ran out of cash to make it home to our hotel after taking some new friends out to dinner (a story for another day). It was quite the adventurous start to our time in Cuba, and a place we’ll most definitely never forget.

Classroom of Hope

We’ve been working with Classroom of Hope for a few years now, helping them to document the impact that their work is having for the local school kids in Bali. This amazing charity has built 12 schools across Bali, Rwanda and Cambodia to give children the opportunity to get the education they deserve. Run by two of our close friends, we know first hand the love that is put into the work they do and it’s a cause we fully believe in.

You can read more about Classroom of Hope and the awesome work they are doing here.